Tilla Simons
Brasschaat 14 - 8 - 1888 / Etterbeek 10 - 3 - 1969

Machteld Maria Theresia Joanna Adelaīde Aurora Simons, short Tilla, was born in Brasschaat on the 14 of August 1888 and deceased in Etterbeek near Brussels on the 10 of March 1969, exactly 50 years after the death of her father Jan Frans Simons.

Frans Simons was not alone her father, but at the same time also an experienced artist. He taught his daughter his knowledge and experience with heart and soul. Tilla Simons lived with love for landscapes, the authenticity of nature and flowers, which ones she perpetuated with oil paint. She was, like her father also an excellent portraitpaintress.

She didn't understand cubism, futurism and dadaism, which is written in an article from a newspaper of 1922.

"These art forms stand as far away from real art as the sky from the earth, art is a brother of beauty and must be as close by nature as possible".

Tilla wasn't committed by the apostles of the new doctrines with their declension of the naturally forms either, she didn't like the thought that they were encouraged by the musea, who opened their doors for these art forms.

"The expositions get overwhelmed with clamorous, absurd paintings and colors, you can find the most ridiculous composition acrobatics, the most incapable and under the disguise of renewed or perfection modern art with the thought it would be the saving of this art, in reality it's majestic".

During World War I, more than one woman of the new riches carried a signature from Tilla Simons on her hat. Tilla painted many flowers at that time and she specialized herself in the painting of lady hats. At the same time, she also painted admirable compositions, like colorful birds flying between the leafs, picking in small fruits or playing in a landscape, on silk and velvet.

The endless moor plains, the avenues with curved trees like cathedrals, the woods with powerful echoes where nightingales and other birds were singing out their gladness. The flowers, princesses of creation with their party-colored blossoms, an unspeakable beauty with its heart in the crown of the flower, which seduces the bees forever.

The splendor of nature in all his glory, living on paper, panel and / or canvas, was the mission of life for... Tilla Simons.

An illustrated biography of this artist, only written in Dutch, is published and a couple of her works are available in a series of 6 postcards, both of them by the Jan Frans Simons society.

After her dead she rests in peace in the family grave at the cemetery of Maria-Ter-Heide / Brasschaat.

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