Jan Frans Simons
Paintings and pictures in public possession

Artillery house in Brasschaat:

- Artillery, oil/canvas, 108x158cm, not signed.

Town Hall of Brasschaat:

- The Congolese, oil/canvas, 110x160cm, signed lu .

- The Ox races , oil/canvas, 89x65cm, signed ru.

- Farm on the Durentijdlei, oil/canvas, 60x81cm, signed lu.

- Portrait of Count De Baillet-Latour, oil/canvas, 160x180cm, signed ru.

- A Holy day Procession in Brasschaat (1895), oil/canvas, 90x130cm, signed Brasschaet ru.

Breesgata - Historical Society from Brasschaat:

- The Ox races in Brasschaat, oil/canvas, 109x158cm, signed ru.

Royal Gallery of Fine Arts in Antwerp:

- Roadstead of Antwerp, oil/canvas, signed.

- Sunny road, oil/canvas, 58x71cm, signed.

Virgin house museum in Antwerp:

- Portrait of Lady Dumont - Duggan, oil/canvas, 158x107.5cm, signed lu.

Gallery of Fine Arts in Doornik:

- The spring, oil/canvas, signed. ( legacy H. Van Cutsem )

National Navigation museum in Antwerp:

- Sailing boat on the Rupel near Boom, oil/canvas, 49x70cm, signed ru.

O.C.M.W. of Brasschaat:

- Moor plain , oil/canvas, 105x138cm, signed ru.

- The Work accident , oil/canvas, 207x226cm, signed ru.

Provincial Open-air museum in Bokrijk:

- The Ox races, oil/canvas, 230x169cm, signed ru.

Municipal Picture cabinet in Antwerp:

- Farmer's wife, etching, 23.3x18cm, signed in engraving.

- Lovers, etching, 14x10cm, signed in engraving lu.

Jan Frans Simons